How to Start Off an Essay: Introduction Writing

The ability to write a good essay is highly essential in our world today. Many employers of labor are more concerned about the ability of their employees to communicate effectively. So many of them resort to assessing the applicant's writing skills before giving out job opportunities. After all, everyone should have written an essay in high school or college. So essay writing is a great deal!

There are different types of essays - narrative, descriptive, informative, and expository. However, our primary concern is the informative essay. This type of essay is a form of writing that provides a clear, in-depth, and factual explanation of a subject matter to educate the reader.

When writing an informative essay, the most important thing to consider is the level of your audience. The problem several writers encounter is difficulties regarding how to start off an essay. Understanding the definition and structure of an essay introduction is a good way to learn how to start an essay.

Tips for writing a good informative essay introduction

Before we share the tips needed to write an outstanding essay introduction, we must ensure that you understand it.

So, what is introduction in essay?

Introductions are forewords that premise your essay. They summarize the topic and what the readers should expect from your article. Aside from your topic/title, your introduction is capable of entrapping or discouraging your reader. It usually consists of an opening hook, background information, and your thesis statement.

If you are having difficulties writing an exciting introduction, here are tips on how to start an essay introduction.

  1. Identify your audience

To write a good introductory paragraph, you must first know your audience. This will help you identify their areas of need and write a thought-provoking, exciting piece that will keep your readers glued. The target audience should define the kind of information you include or exclude in your introduction.

To write a practical introduction, you can appeal to the reasons and emotions of your readers. This could be a strategy to engage your readers' emotions. For instance, when writing an essay on foreign donations, you can describe the catastrophe that lies in not getting the aid. You can also describe undernourished children or paint gory pictures of an epidemic due to lack of potable water to drive your audience to emotions.

Another strategy is to ask rhetorical questions that are intriguing and thought-provoking. This way, you will not only create curiosity in your audience but also draw your audience's interest in your essay.

  1. Be knowledgeable about your topic

To write an informative essay, one must adequately grasp what to write. The content of the topic must be well-understood before writing. The introduction gives a preamble about the whole work.

The work should be well-planned and articulated before starting with the introduction. You can't give what you don't have - to teach others; you must have a good grasp of the subject matter.

  1. Include an essay hook

Many students often ask how to start off an essay. There are many ways to start an essay. A good way to start an essay is to begin a paragraph with an essay hook. An example of how to start an essay is by introducing an essay hook as the first sentence.

A hook is the first statement that aims to grab the reader's attention. It can be in the form of a rhetorical question, empirical or statistical evidence, or anecdote. You could also use quotations from well-known personalities, provocative or assertive statements, stories or personal experiences, etc.

Every introduction should have two purposes. The first is to hook the readers, and the second is to provide preliminary guidelines, background, and backdrop to dispense the information in the essay.

  1. Tie your hook to your essay

After gaining your readers' attention from the introduction, you need to connect each paragraph to your introduction and demonstrate how they relate to your essay. Tying your essay to the hook in the introduction will answer how to start a paragraph in an essay. For example, you can start every first sentence in each section by tying it to the hook in the introduction.

How long should an essay introduction be?

Generally, the length of the introduction of an essay will depend on the length of the essay itself. There is no specific rule that states how long or short the introduction of an essay should be. The appropriate length for a 2-3 page essay is usually one paragraph. Generally, your introduction takes five percent of the total writing. However, whatever you do, ensure you hold your reader's interest from the very beginning.


Essay introductions are vital and must be fully invested in. To deliver an excellent introduction, follow the tips we have provided.

Also, remember that you don't have to write the introduction before writing your essay. Instead, you can write your introduction after writing your paper so you can write a more informed and distinctive introduction.